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Take our web-based time sheet if for a test run...

Our view on Time Sheets

Tracking Time is considered to be one the key areas of any business operation. Effective time management and tracking of time will directly result in an organization growing or floundering. We have witnessed first hand how companies track or do not track their time at all, and how it leads to missed hours and billings. Many of the companies we interviewed use traditional solutions like paper time sheets or ad-hoc systems like tracking time in an Microsoft excel workbook.

Entering Time, Takes Time - Theres a faster way

time sheet clockAs a software development company we searched to find the right software to help us track time against our projects. We went through the normal steps of evaluating third party software and found that most of them operated too much like big systems and less like a simple timesheet, so we decided to implement our own online time sheet instead. It was during this process that we realized that other companies could benefit from such a simple application.

The goal was to create an online time sheet that allowed us to define customers, projects, and tasks and to assign time and expense entries at a job/project level. There are some great accounting packages on the market, so we decided to focus on creating a number of reports that would provide detailed time allocations for billing purposes and not attempt to reinvent an Accounting or HR package.

During the initial analysis, we found that people generally prefer working with calendars. Therefore, we found it suitable to use a calendar for entering time entry information. We took it a step further and displayed a consolidated summary for each day in the month. We also added a feature to allow users to generate a timesheet right from the calendar. Next we added a work period wizard to help uses create a batch of work periods. Our goal was to streamline the entire work period process and require very little learning curve.

Time Sheet Reporting Features

One of the most recognized features of our time sheet software is its ability to generate Adobe PDF documents and save them to a local hard disk. We found it rather interesting that the other web based time sheets created HTML reports instead of PDF documents. It is our view that PDF documents are the standard for electronic documents.

A Time Sheet Should not cost allot of money - Price Point

One of our goals was to offer a time sheet solution at a very low cost to the end user. We have found that the cost of our service generally is 50 to 80 percent less then other online time sheet solutions. Generally speaking, the monthly fee covers hosting, support and routine updates to the application.

We greatly appreciate your time and consideration of, we hope that you would take the opportunity to take our online time sheet for a test run.


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